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Can I get free travel to and from school?

Generally no. However, you may get free travel if:

  1. Your parents have a Health Care Card or Pensioner’s Card AND
  2. You live a certain distance from school:
    • Primary School: outside 1km radial distance
    • Secondary School: outside 2km radial distance

If your parents do have this card, find out more and get an application form to get a Student MyWay card here:

I’m at school - can I get discounted bus fares?

Yes! Special school bus fares apply to school students. For most students, the easiest way to apply for a Student MyWay card is online here, where it will be mailed to you.

Alternatively, you can also pick up a MyWay Card at:

If you go to Marist College, Canberra High School, Gungahlin College or Covenant College, you have to ask your school for a MyWay card because they have a special photo card/MyWay combined card.      

You have to make sure you have your student ID card (with a photo) on you when you’re travelling on a bus using a concession ticket.

Students with a disability

If you or your child has a disability which makes it difficult to travel to school independently, you or they may be able to get support from the government to arrange special support. You can apply online for the Special Needs Transport Application here.

To find out more on the NDIS Special Needs Transport (SNT) for students, please visit this page.

I go to university – can I get discounted bus fares?

If you’re a full-time university student, you can get special discounted bus fares. The online process to get a Tertiary MyWay card is exactly the same as school students as seen above. Note that most universities (ANU, CIT Reid, UC) all have Recharge Agents on campus.

TAFE Students

Note that TAFE students are a part of Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), meaning you are also eligible to get special discounted bus fares.

Additional to this, NSW Student Transport Concessions are available to CIT students. More information is available here.

Remember, when you travel on a concession fare, you have to make sure you have your student ID with you at all times.

What will happen if I travel without my travel/concession card?

If you don’t have your concession card then you must pay the full ticket price. If you buy a concession ticket but don’t have your student card on you, you could be fined $175.  

Behaviour on public transport

When you’re travelling on public transport in the ACT, you have to follow certain rules or you could face a fine, including:

  • Don’t drink alcohol or carry an open alcohol container on the bus – $261 fine
  • Don’t swear or put your feet on the seats, or spit – $261 fine
  • Give up your seat for the elderly or someone who is injured or disabled – $175 fine
  • Don’t smoke on public transport vehicles – $110 fine
  • Follow the directions of a bus driver, police officer or authorised person to get off a bus for not carrying a valid bus ticket, breaking a rule, being intoxicated, being under the influence or a drug or causing nuisance to others  – $261 fine

For more information on etiquette and safety whilst travelling on buses, please visit here, which includes the Code of Conduct and appeals process.

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