Child Rights Taskforce

The Australian Child Rights Taskforce has a new website. To find out more about Australia’s peak body for child rights, visit their official website here. 

About the Australian Child Rights Taskforce  

The Australian Child Rights Taskforce is the peak body for children’s rights in Australia. The Taskforce is made up of more than 100 organisations and is led by a Steering Group of experts and child rights organisations.  

Child Rights in Australia  

The Australian Child Rights Taskforce is dedicated to ensuring the Australian government upholds its commitments under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).  

The Taskforce is committed to ensuring the government implements the recommendations from the United Nations, so the rights of children are upheld and protected in Australia.  

The role of Youth Law Australia  


YLA pays close attention to children’s rights issues in Australia and is an active advocate for better implementation of the CRC. 

Alongside Australian Lawyers for Human Rights and the Diplomacy Training Program, YLA co-convenes a successful series of child rights webinars that raise awareness of the CRC and its domestic and international implementation. You can view recordings of previous webinars here.  

YLA also makes frequent law reform submissions to government bodies to advocate for improved protection of children’s rights in domestic legislation. You can read our recent submissions here.  

Where to get help  


If you have a question about your rights or a child or young person’s rights in Australia, you can contact us here.  

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