About the youth justice system

If you are under 18 years old (between 10 – 17yrs old) and find yourself in trouble with the police for something, you may not have to go to court. The law recognises the importance of protecting young people and keeping them out of the court system where it’s appropriate. This is because young people who don’t go through the court system are often more accountable for their actions and less likely to commit other crimes in the future.   

The laws which explains all the options in South Australia is the Young Offenders Act 1993 . The Act establishes a system of warnings, formal cautions  and family conferences.  Generally, you are required to attend court only as a last resort and for very serious crimes or if you have been in trouble with the police before.

No matter what, always keep in mind that your punishment will fit the crime – you’re not going to be sent to jail for getting a parking ticket!

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