Youth Allowance

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Services Australia delivers social service payments and services to Australians through Centrelink. There are a range of options available from emergency on-off support, to long term support for Australians in need of assistance. You could be eligible for Youth Allowance if you are a young person who is studying, undertaking training or an Australian apprenticeship and/or looking for work.

Read below to find out more about Youth Allowance, or visit the Centrelink website here.

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What is Youth Allowance?

Youth allowance provides financial assistance to young people 24 or younger while they are studying, undertaking training or an Australian apprenticeship or 21 or younger and looking for work.  

Young people who are ill or injured may also be able to obtain Youth Allowance for the period of the illness or injury.

Can I get Youth Allowance?

Your eligibility is based on many things including:

  • Your age and whether you are doing an approved course or activity
  • If you are dependent or independent
  • Your income and assets
  • Where you live.

To find out if you are eligible for Youth allowance, or to apply you can visit the Department of Human Service’s website here.

Notifying Centrelink of changes

If your circumstances change, you must tell Centrelink within 14 days as this may change your Youth Allowance payment. For example, you must tell Centrelink if:

  • you stop studying;
  • you move from home to continue studying;
  • you start earning more or less;
  • You change universities;
  • You change the number of hours you work;
  • Change jobs;
  • Receive any compensation, leave or redundancy payments; or
  • Start or stop voluntary work.

If you don’t tell Centrelink if this changes, you may have to pay Centrelink the money back since your situation changed. Also, Centrelink can charge you a fee for giving incorrect details.

Coronavirus supplement

The Coronavirus Supplement is an extra amount Centrelink is paying to help people during the COVID-19 pandemic. You will automatically receive the Coronavirus Supplement, if you are receiving Youth Allowance payments.

The supplement is $550 a fortnight until 24 September 2020. From this date, the supplement will be reduced to $250 a fortnight until 31 December 2020.

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