Youth Law Australia is committed to helping young people under 25 and their supporters to find solutions to their legal problems. Youth Law Australia sincerely thanks its staff, board and volunteers for their expertise and tireless effort towards helping young people under 25.

Director and Board of Directors

Youth Law Australia is governed by a Board of Directors. Board members bring their expertise, vision and commitment to children’s rights to guide Youth Law Australia in achieving its vision of helping all young people under the age of 25 with a problem that would benefit from legal help to find the solution they need.

The Board meets during the year and is supported by its own Finance Committee which monitors Youth Law Australia’s financial situation on a more regular basis.

Matthew Keeley

Georgina Willcock


Scott Richardson

Michael Allen

Sam Burrett

Nicole Loewensohn

Luke McNamara


Youth Law Australia is grateful for the time, effort and energy of its team of on-site and off-site volunteers. The on-site volunteer team is made up of dedicated law students, recent graduates and lawyers. They work in drafting legal advice and information and general administration. If you are interested in volunteering with Youth Law Australia, you can read more here:

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Beginning in 2007, the Cyber Volunteer Project (CVP) The CVP is a partnership between Youth Law Australia and King&Wood Mallesons (KWM), and brings together a network of pro-bono lawyers across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne andPerth from partner firms including KWM, ASIC, Telstra and Microsoft. Cyber-volunteers will provide pro-bono assistance to Youth Law Australia through its online advice platform. You can learn more about the CVP here.

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